EPG is a full service electrical protective gear testing & safety training company. Voltage protective equipment must be used when working with energized equipment over 50 volts, we at EPG make sure that equipment is capable of protecting you. We are testing equipment and providing safety training for many Utility Companies, Electrical and Mechanical contractors throughout Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado & Nevada.

EPG’s Testing Services Include:

Voltage Gloves & Sleeves

Rubber Blankets

Line & Pole Covers (plastic & rubber)

Hot Sticks

Ground Jumpers

Hot Line Jumpers

Bucket Truck (boom & liner dielectric & truck yearly inspections & load testing)

We have added certifying cable pulling/tugger scales & cable hi pot testing

EPG’s Repair Services Include:

Hot Stick Repair (parts replacement, refinishing, repairs)

Ground & Hot Line Jumper repair & Custom Builds

Blanket Repair (No patches we use a vulcanized hole repair on class 4 rubber blankets)

We can even come to your facility for on-site testing (gloves, arm sleeves and hot line jumpers are not able to be tested on-site; these items must be tested at our laboratory).

Lab Testing Includes:

1. Received items are checked in and numbered with a company number as well as an identification number.

2. All items are washed & dried.

3. Items are inspected for visual damage (items that can be inflated are inflated for a better inspection)

4. Items are dielectrically tested using DC currant.

5. Items are sorted, stamped, recorded, packed in protective covering and boxed for delivery.

6. Any rejected/failed items are stamped "Reject" and rendered inoperable for use and returned to customer.

7. Replacements are available upon request.

EPG’s Safety & Training Services:

Safety training for OSHA, MSHA, FA/CPR, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, Excavation Competent person, Task Training, Leadership Training, Safety Meetings Safety Programs, Procedures, SOP’s, JHA’s / JSA’s, Risk Assessments and much more.

EPG has an NFPA 70E Standards Continuing Education class that qualifies for Electrical Journeyman (4 to 8 hrs of Professional credit, UT, ID, WY) and General Contractor (6 hrs of Core credit, UT only)

Please call Mike Schauerhamer at (801) 520-9426 with any questions.